A heart for muted colours, minimal prints and organic textile  

When it comes to shaping the children's universe, designers Liz and Dirk know best. They've been dressing children for over twenty-five years. Their new label offers a combination of timeless apparel for children aged zero to four and organic home textiles in their search for finding the right balance between quality, comfort, sustainability, and a modern lifestyle. Heart of Gold, formerly known as Gold, is designed with children, their parents, and the world they inhabit in mind. 


The song 'Heart of Gold' by Neil Young provides the perfect mission statement: 'I want to live — I want to give'. With a deep understanding that we have to take care of our planet, the creative duo pays close attention to longevity and high-quality eco-fabrics. Materials and colours are hand-picked in a small atelier in Portugal in close collaboration with artisans specializing in bio-cotton. 


Slow fashion is about creating durable and timeless pieces that go together well. When garments are made to last, they are perfect to be passed down. According to Liz and Dirk, both parents and graphic designers, style is about mixing and matching and combining new pieces with older ones. Due to their qualitative designs, dressing your children becomes consciously, yet stylishly, wonderfully simple. 


Inspiration for the collections comes from nature and emotion. Parents like to surround their newborns with love, warmth, and tenderness. That is why the brand's signature style is defined by soft fabrics, a distinct colour palette of muted hues, and minimal prints. By adding organic textile to babywear, parents can create an intimate environment for their little ones, both at home as on the road. Heart of Gold is committed to expanding the children's playful universe.