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spring / summer '22



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Our story

When it comes to shaping the children's universe, designers Liz Cornelis & Dirk Goossens know best. 

They've been dressing children for over twenty-five years. Their new label Heart of Gold offers a combination of timeless apparel for children aged zero to four and organic home textiles in their search for finding the right balance between quality, comfort, sustainability, and a modern lifestyle.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Meet the designers

Twenty-five years ago, graphic designers Liz Cornelis and Dirk Goosens, found their true calling in creating clothing for children. After experimenting with fast fashion, bold shapes and vivid colors, they now choose a more sustainable approach with a soft color palette, high-qualitative fabrics, and minimal prints.

Toning down doesn't equal slowing down. For the older they get, the more they like a challenge. The Belgian duo has adjusted the name of their label 'Gold' to 'Heart of Gold', with a clear focus on slow fashion, baby apparel, and home textiles.

H O M E  T E X T I L E S